Marshal & Associates provides a comprehensive business consulting solutions that are specifically tailored for businesses across UAE. Our goal is to improve organization’s mode of operations and help to achieve a higher efficiency and effectiveness in specific operations. We engage people and provide cutting-edge information and solutions.

Business Advisory Services

CFO services

As a dedicated company focusing on values and stellar services for our clients, we provide a flexible engagement model, enabling startup businesses to transform to substantial multinational public levels. We do the hassles, allowing our clients to focus their attention on their core business.

MIS reporting services

We are a specialist in turning Excel worksheets and workbooks into a powerful marketing and time-saving tools. Our professional team of Excel experts will work with you to create customized Excel solutions that allow you to track the live performance and provide you with meaningful reports in the end.

Business restructuring

Our experienced and professional corporate restructuring team will assist you in evaluating your business opportunities, put together the most comprehensive restructuring plan and improved transactions to achieve strategic goals.

Market research

We provide research and support solutions for collecting, analyzing and interpreting the searched information and providing a detailed reporting, giving your business a competitive edge.

Budgeting Services

We assist in monitoring and giving your finances a pinch test. We’ll assess your current debts, asset, and existing payment and help you identify the best balance for you.

Company Incorporation

Formation of LLC Companies according to UAE Company Law

Limited Liability Company is the most common and easy to establish a company in UAE however, some procedures and laws must be obeyed carefully. As a trusted Accounting & Audit company in UAE, we extensively understand the law that governs the formation of LLC companies, and we aim to ensure you adhere strictly and follow the appropriate step when establishing an LLC company.