Auditing & Assurance

As a premium audit & accounting firm, we implement innovative and cost-effective strategies that produce measurable results. We aim to exceed your expectations with timely and accurate audit and accounting services.

Our goal is to enable you to understand your business thoroughly and help you gain better control and confidence in your finances through our proactive team.

Financial Statement Audit

Our Audit professionals unlock valuable insights based on a thorough understanding of your business and industry through innovative audit methodologies and approaches. Our approach is designed to deliver a cost-effective service which maximizes business growth and keep a company grip on their financial status.

Internal Audit

At Marshal & Associates, we utilise our experienced auditors to deliver internal audit for assessments to establish assurance of adequate controls and detection against imminent risk, while we strategically remediate, restructure, and control issues identified.

Statutory Audit

Leveraging our long-term experience, knowledge, and efficiency, we ensure that our clients can achieve their statutory audit goals and submit Financial Statements promptly. We also provide an accurate, unbiased assessment of your financial records, while we give you useful and practical insight to improve your overall business.

Due Diligence Audit

Our experience and unique approach to all aspects of Due Diligence enable us to accurately carry out due diligence task for clients acquiring businesses and securing funding.

Risk Management Audit

We are familiar with the standard and possible risk while our risk management approach is designed to ensure that risk of all types is thoroughly assessed and managed throughout all parts of the organization. Our goal is to help our clients minimize risk and maximize returns.

Accounting & Financial Services

Regular Accounting Services

Our friendly on-site team that will work closely with you to provide proper accounting assessments that will enable the audit process to be performed much more efficiently and effectively.

Regular Accounting Supervision

We follow a step by step supervision process to monitor your accounting and continuously visit your firm for regular checking. We also assess your financial statements on a daily basis to check your accounting standards. We maintain this process on a continuous basis to reduce the mistakes and to provide you an accurate and quality accounting services.

Accounting And Financial Reporting

We provide precise Accounting and Financial Reporting solutions for businesses of all sizes. We combine innovative strategies and resources to carry out a thorough assessment of your business and provide a detailed reporting that gives your financial position.

Accounting Reconciliation Services

Our professional account reconciliation services are tailored for all size businesses across UAE. From corporate houses to large organizations, our mission is to help you prevent fraud, avoid legal issues and allow you focus more on your core business goals.

Accounting Software Solutions

We provide comprehensive Accounting software solutions that are extremely simple and cost-effective. It comes with accounting operations features that are very easy to learn. We aim to enable you to gain easy access to all your business reports in no time and also for the safety of your business data.

Special Audits & Investigations

Cost Audits

Our cost accountants are highly experienced especially in the area of budgeting, asset management, cost management, and performance evaluation. We collaborate with one team to create a financial plan for your organisation. Our work evolves working around to strategically plan for your firm and also prepare financial reports for tax authorities, stockholders, and regulatory agencies.

Inventory Audits

In a bid to allow easy reorganizing and relocating of your business, we undertake an inventory audit to capture what you have, precisely. We audit every piece of workplace furniture, business equipment, and stored material for optimum repositioning

Compliance Audits

We perform a comprehensive review of your company to ensure its adherence to UAE regulatory guidelines. We evaluate the strength and thoroughness of your compliance and also review security policies, user access controls, and risk management procedures.

Fraud investigation

With our in-house exceptional and talented team, we perform financial and regulatory investigations that deliver the most appropriate and robust solutions for our clients. We combine experience and vast knowledge to bring clarity to complicated financial situations and ensure the highest quality report that addresses all relevant issues promptly.

Monthly Retainer ship

We provide a trusted and reliable monthly retainer ship service that allows organizations to maintain a fixed (per-approved) average fee and still enjoy valuable services. We make your service our prior, enabling you to focus on your core duties.